Stylish queue system with video

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Stylish queue system with video

Inform your customers while they are queueing up

We have developed one of  the most stylish queue systems on the market based on what our customers needed for a successful easy install, wi-fi option to reduce number of cables so only power is needed, and a system that can show video to enhance sales.

Current queue systems normally requires internet cables for each counter but we have developed a super simple queue system where all small screens by the counter can run both Ethernet or wi-fi only and with a stylish touch screen for printing a number that also features video content to help brand the company, inform customers or show products for sale.

Queue system with a beautiful design

The system consists of a 21” touch display connected to a printer. When the number has been printed it will stay in line digitally on the local wi-fi until activated by the app on the computer at one of the counters.  When activated the number will be shown on a 10″ display at the current counter. 

The price for this system varies depending on the number of counters available. Please contact us for a price.

Click and watch the video showing the system here.